Nikki Lucas Easily Wins Re-Election for NY State Assembly Over Keron Alleyne & the District Leader Seat Over Inez Barron

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In yesterday’s Primary Election, in the 60th AD, Assemblywoman Nikki Lucas (71%) easily defeated Keron Alleyne (26%). The 60th Assembly District includes East New York, Starrett City, Brownsville, and Canarsie.

Many people did not realize that the District Leader seat in East New York was also up for grabs. Lucas (64%) easily defeated Inez Barron (36%) in that race as well, giving her a clean sweep for the day.

In a statement Assemblywoman Lucas said, ” I am humbled by the large margin of victory in both the Assembly and District Leader races. This shows the confidence that the community has placed in me. I want to also thank those who did not vote for me but came out to vote. During this time when the Supreme Court is overturning rights, we need to continue to exercise our right to vote during every election.”

These wins for Lucas put an end to the Barron dynasty that had been in place for over 20 years in East New York. Her Assembly seat win was against a Barron protege, Keron Alleyne. Lucas’ win over Inez Barron might be even bigger than the win over Alleyne, whom she was expected to defeat. Lucas is the only one who has been able to defeat a Barron in East New York in 20 years.

The win in the Assembly is a defeat for the DSA movement and the Working Families Party, who both heavily supported Alleyne. AOC (Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez) even came out to put her support behind Alleyne. People are starting to feel that the DSA and WFP are playing a big part in the gentrification of Black and Brown communities.

Lucas, in her statement, gave a special thanks to Brooklyn Congressman Hakeem Jeffries. Lucas stated, “I must give a special thank you to Congressman Hakeem Jeffries who has believed in me and supported me from the very beginning, and he has never wavered in his support.”

Lucas is already the Assemblywoman in the 60th AD, but she still has to run in the November general election, which all but assured since the 60th AD is over 90% Democrat.

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