Old-School Flair With A New School Groove: The ERAMATICS



“Just three teens with one common dream”. TahJMall, LEXINGTON, and Ziiion make up the ERAMATICS, a hip-hop trio from Brooklyn, NYC on the rise. They each met in middle school and realized that they each had music in common. Years later, they hold a fan base and they have a name that’s buzzing in the underground scene. They take the “golden-era hip-hop” style and mix it with the current new school flow for a sound that’s melodic and catchy.

Check out my interview with them below!

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*Since there’s three of you in a group together, I can only imagine the different tastes of music that you all like. Who do you guys listen to on a daily basis?*

TahJmall: I listen to various types of music right now.From old school 50 Cent,Jay-Z & Biggie to artists like Chance The Rapper,Travi$ Scott,Nipsey Hussle,Disclosure & The Weeknd.

Ziiion:I listen to a lot of early 2000’s RnB & various old school 90’s hip hop artists as well as some Oldies every once in a while.

LEXINGTON: On a daily basis I listen to a lot of Jay- Z, Pusha T, Travi$ Scott, Chief Keef, Lil Durk, Lil Reese, Fredo Santana, Shaggy, Yellow Man, Beres Hammond and a few others but that’s all for the most part.

*What was the thought process behind the group name “Eramatics”?*
ERAMATICS- Well in our younger days we started as a collective of about 12 of us, consisting of Rappers, Singers, Dancers etc. called “GRAVITY ERA”. Then over the years some of the members dropped and we’re we left as the three of us, TahJmall, ZIIION and myself LEXINGTON. So we decided to start fresh with a new name but for a while we couldn’t think of anything. Then while in the studio recording we was playing on the word ERA and ILLMATIC- NAS’ album which is very inspiring to us and came up with “ERAMATIC$”.
*Can you recall what the feeling was like when you guys performed in front of a crowd for the first time? Did you guys play at any big festivals/venues yet? Do you guys have any performances lined up for 2014?*

TahJmall: The feeling when we performed in front of a crowd for the first time was truly unexplainable it felt like as if the whole audience was like a universe and we were in control of their energy & movement.

Ziion: When we first performed in front of a live crowd was that we were all nervous before we hit the stage but eventually we broke out of it to me it felt as if we were super heroes I felt as if I was a different person and untouchable at that time … and when were done performing the love that was shown after was amazing that feeling is amazing!
LEXINGTON: The first time I performed in front of a big crowd I was super nervous at first especially with so much eyes on me but within a few seconds it went away, I felt like a super-star.
ERAMATICS: We haven’t played in any big festivals/venues yet due to us wanting to do shows when our set & presentation is absolutely ready but expect us to be on the line of some dope festivals & shows! 


 *Name one fun fact that your fans wouldn’t expect to know.*

TahJmall: I enjoying teaching myself how to invent & cook different dishes.

Ziiion: I play the tuba.

LEXINGTON: The only cartoon I enjoyed as a kid was Rocket Power. Dopest cartoon ever.

*Where do you guys see yourselves 5-10 years from now? Do you plan on still creating music or are there other art mediums that you all are interested in?*

TahJmall: Five to ten years from now I plan on having multiple #1 albums released, Multiple Grammy Nominations-Awards,Arena Shows as well as ERAMATICS being a household name.Other than music I’ll like to go into furthering my acting career as well as establishing various business outlets.LEXINGTON- Five to ten years from now I see us with a few Grammys and Grammy Nominations, Billboards, Magazine covers, and of course our brand being recognized and supported world-wide. I most definitely will still be creating music but at the same time taking on other arts like fashion and architecture.

*Where can your fans keep up with you guys?*
Instagram/Twitter @tahjmall@_tommylex @_ziiion @eramatics


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