Owners of EastNewYork.com Launch ClintonHill.com As Digital Destination for Clinton Hill and Fort Greene Neighborhoods

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JIG Media, owners of EastNewYork.com, and other popular digital media platforms, reaching over 2 million New Yorkers, recently launched ClintonHill.com, to provide residents of Clinton Hill and Fort Greene their own digital media platform.

Vernon Jones, Founder of JIG Media stated, “we are thrilled to launch ClintonHill.com, particularly since Clinton Hill is the neighborhood where I own a home and have been living for the past 25 years. The goal is to highlight important information about housing, development, politics, as well as featuring various businesses and people. We will also promote events, and shine light on community issues, like the garbage that has been piling up under the BQE for years, and laws that impact tenants, homeowners and business owners in the neighborhood.”

Jones added, “The goal is to make everyone aware of what is happening in Clinton Hill and Fort Greene, and provide resource information and opinions on how we can keep the neighborhood as one of the best in New York City, which it is and has been for quite some time. Our websites are more like a labor of love and we advocate for the many people who might not be aware of the issues that are negatively impacting their lives, especially seniors. They have the toughest time. I saw it with my mother, and it is very sad what they have to fight for these days. Incredibly sad.”

ClintonHill.com officially launched a few days ago. The site’s first content included a list of notable people who came from Clinton Hill or are currently living in Clinton Hill, and an Op-ed that sheds light on a controversial political topic that impacts homeowners. The digital media platform and its associated social media channels will focus on Clinton Hill and Fort Greene, as well as the surrounding Downtown neighborhoods.

Jones added, “I grew up in East New York and Brownsville, which is what led me to launch EastNewYork.com and BrownsvilleNews.org. Before I launched EastNewYork.com the only content you would see when you Googled East New York, was crime. The creation of EastNewYork.com changed that to some extent.  Clinton Hill doesn’t have the crime or quality of life issues that East New York has but it does have a serious issue with people selling homes that have been in their families for years, erasing any opportunity for generational wealth. The neighborhood also lacks a digital destination where you can find information specifically about Clinton Hill.”

Writers for the new digital platform will be mostly freelancers who live in the neighborhood or are extremely familiar with Clinton Hill.

ClintonHill.com, as stated on its website, will provide resource information for residents, including upcoming developments, political insights, real estate options, Community Board issues and feature stories.  There has never been a digital media platform dedicated to Clinton Hill until now.

JIG Media will be launching other NYC-focused community digital media platforms in the future, focusing on prime New York City neighborhoods. They use their proprietary NYC Newswire technology to launch neighborhood websites rather quickly, and the technology allows them to share related content across their platforms.

Clinton Hill and Fort Greene residents can send their news stories, Op-eds, feature suggestions, events, and community concerns, to news@clintonhill.com.  ClintonHill.com is also looking for writers who are extremely familiar with the neighborhood.  For freelance writer opportunities or local businesses looking to become partners, you can contact Vernon Jones directly at vjones@jig.media.

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