Pharoah Sanders / Brooklyn Raga Massive: Coltrane Tribute On Friday, June 23rd!

“Tenor saxophonist PHAROAH SANDERS emerged from the storied and controversial John Coltrane ensembles of the 1960s, where he eschewed traditional jazz structures in favor of expressionistic, wondrous, nearly anarchic sound-making. Ornette Coleman once described him as “probably the best tenor player in the world,” and his use of overblowing, “sheets of sound” and other extended techniques made him one of the most important figures in the development of free jazz. In the 50 years (almost to the day) since Coltrane’s death, he has released over 30 records, dipping into modal jazz and R&B, but often sticking close to his free jazz roots. And with each new trail he blazes, he brings his signature “sound like a midnight riptide.” (The New York Times)

BROOKLYN RAGA MASSIVE is the beating heart of Indian Classical music in New York City, hosting weekly jam sessions, educational outreach, and multi-act festivals to bring together lovers of Raga music around the city. As a nonprofit organization, their work is multifaceted and far-reaching, building a community of the music’s listeners and players alike. Here, they tip their cap to Sanders with an Indian Classical tribute to the music of Coltrane.”

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