Songstress Dia Malai Talks To BK Buzz About Her New Single “Reconsider”


Dia Malai is a Queens/East New York  based RnB/Soul songstress that shows love to Brooklyn all the time!  She recently sat down with Brooklyn Buzz to discuss her new single “Reconsider”. Check out the song and interview below!

BK BUZZ: “Reconsider” is a song that just came out, and this time of the year is notoriously known as “cuffing season”, meaning people get into relationships for the cold weather. Why did you choose this time of year to release a heartbreak song?

Dia Malai: Being in a relationship brings a certain light in your life & that’s super dope! But sometimes we get lost in it when our feelings get involved. We tend to forget that a relationship is an accessory and NOT a necessity. I chose the “cuffing season” to release Reconsider because I wanted to bring a more realistic & relatable approach for the occasion. Yeah, it is always good to have someone for the holidays & if that naturally happens then that’s great, but the temperature shouldn’t determine when I want a companion. I want my company all year round or not at all.

BB: This song is definitely a song that many females can relate to. Is this song based off of a situation that you were recently in?

DM: I think all good women have been here. I wrote the song to say, when you’ve given your all in any situation and it isn’t enough, that’s where the self pride should kick in. After any break up it is essential to be a 2.0 version of yourself & use the experience as ammo to become greater. That bounce back is very important.

BB: Can we expect a music video for this song? If so, how do you imagine the video to be?

DM: Yes! That’s actually in the works right now! It’ll be my first visual & let’s just say it’ll set the tone for me as an artist. It’ll capture the truth behind everyday “Situationships”, realistic & relatable, with a Dia Malai Twist of course! 

BB: Is this song part of a new up and coming project? If so, when will it be released?

DM: “Reconsider” will be on my debut project entitled ECHOSTREET coming in 2017 ! You’ll get feels of R&B X Soul. Even a hint of Pop! It’s been a long time coming.

BB: Where can people follow you on social media?

DM: You can find me everywhere on social media @diamalai ! And on soundcloud @diamalaimusic thank you !

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