Vote For Brooklyn Hip-Hop Duo I$O INDIES For AfroPunk Battle Of The Bands 2015!


Brooklyn hip-hop duo I$O INDIES are in the top ten of the AfroPunk Battle Of The Bands 2015 competition!

To vote for them, click here! They need your support Brooklyn!

i$O iNDIES are a hip hop duo from Brooklyn, NYC, and they plan to take over the hip hop game slowly and surely. They started their musical ventures in high school where they both attended together, and after realizing that they make a great duo, they started working together immediately. They are moved by their faith that one day they will have fans broader than their eyes can see, and they become closer to their goal every time they release a track. They represent positive thinking, hard work, diligence, and originality, and they hope to spark hope and inspiration in the minds of people to be themselves and to never follow the status quo.”


Latest Music Video (directed by aiP and Chimp Filmworks)


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