Brooklyn Navy Yard Supermarket Needed for Farragut Residents


Members of Farragut Houses (located across the street from the Brooklyn Navy Yard) were promised a supermarket a long time ago, and the placement of a supermarket in the Navy Yard could be a relief to the members of the community. The members of Farragut Houses (a strip that is not too far from the luxury part of DUMBO) have limited fresh food choices which include a few bodegas, a Chinese food restaurant, and a small grocery store with only one aisle of fresh produce (according to the NYTimes).

This might be a great site for a Pathmark or a Shop Rite for the Farragut tenants. The 90,000 square foot Shop Rite that was built in East New York’s Gateway Mall has been a great choice for East Brooklyn. According to reports, the Shop Rite in ENY hired hundreds of residents from the ENY, Brownsville and Canarsie communities. The Farragut community will have to come together to make sure a higher priced option, like a Whole Foods or any other high priced alternative, does not land in the Brooklyn Navy Yard. According to the NY Times article, it seems like the local residents have been kept in the dark about the entire  process.  The Farragut Houses residents are looking forward to affordable quality shopping as well as the opportunity for long term union employment.

The supermarket is proposed to be built in the Brooklyn Navy Yard, on “Admiral’s Row”, which is on the corner of Flushing Avenue and Navy Street.  currently the residents in the area are forced to travel to the Atlantic Mall to the Pathmark, in order to find a large supermarket that sells fresh fruit, vegetables, organic options and fresh seafood.

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