#ArtistToWatch: Akai $olo Releases New Track Titled “Deuce Mega”

Flatbush hip-hop artist Akai $olo has recently released a new song titled “Deuce Mega”. We here at Brooklyn Buzz spoke to Akai about the significance of the song, and you can check it out and follow his social media handles below!

Akai $olo:Deuce Mega is the first track I wrote the day before my birthday, it was in November. I’ve been going through a bunch of stuff this year, from lost loved ones, to losing myself and having to re-evaluate a center point. I suffered immensely, but gained just as much. This track is the fusion of those two paths of understanding. People tend to make it a habit to have darkness befall them and then attempt escape. I ran into the depths of mine and found a peace. It’s all you regardless, so merging with it seems like the best method of handling it. I wrote myself out of depression…my connection to my art…I’ve never had a connection like this with anything ever in my life.

My style also does this thing where it changes, moves into the next phase. I don’t really decide when it’s time to make another leap forward with my skill level, it kind of just happens on it’s own. For example like in the show Pokemon, when a Pokemon would just spontaneously evolve after accumulating enough experience in battle. Deuce Mega is reflection and progression simultaneously. The acknowledgement of the path I’ve taken, where I missed steps, and how to make up the work. This is necessary to materialize, maintain, and triple the output of progression. I want to understand everything, and I feel like we should be understood. So I’m taking the first step by understanding myself.”


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