Awaken Your Inner Being With Songstress Arah Sade


Arah Sade is a 19 year old, Brooklyn native from Bushwick who is an eclectic songstress on the rise. Her lyrics are about enlightenment and finding out who your inner self is, and by the looks of it, it seems like Arah already has herself figured out. With two music videos out for her song and spoken word “Everyday Thoughts” and “Where It All Started”, she’s already on the ball to getting her music career started. Her visuals are eye catching, and her musical influences range from Afrika Bambatta to Jill Scott. Sometimes her songs can have the pacing of poetry, which allows you to really hear and understand her lyrics. She is definitely one to watch in 2014!

Check out my interview with Arah below!

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*Music is an art medium that many choose to indulge in. What makes music special for you, and how will you use your voice to stand out?*
– Music is special to me in many ways because it was the first thing I was familiar with. My mom used to sing to me all the time and music was always playing in my house. Music is like family to me. I feel like my strongest feature is my voice and I’m all about standing for what you believe in so ,what ever comes to mind I shall use my voice for.
*Your personal style is very interesting, does it have anything to do with your musical influences?*
– Actually my personal style was influenced by different cultures I encountered. I’m inspired by styles from the 20’s and on.
*What age did you start singing? And what was your first performance in front of a large crowd like?*
– I’ve been singing for as long as I can remember but I started singing officially in ’05. My first performance in front of a big crowd was In April 2012 and I was very nervous but , once I started singing I felt completely comfortable and happy.
*If the internet did not exist, and music videos were only seen on Television, what method would you use to get your music out to the public?*
– I would definitely send my music out to many different tv shows and network a whole lot until the right people noticed me.
*What topic do you write about the most, and why?*
– One topic I see myself writing about a lot is enlightenment and that is a big deal in itself because ,I feel more people should tap into their spirituality and discover who they truly are. It is a very beautiful thing.
*Give us one Arah Sade fun fact.*
-I like to belly dance with strobe lights on around my house lol
*How involved are you with the art direction in your music videos? Are you the kind of artist that has a concept already in mind, or do you leave it all up to the director?*
– I am involved with every single aspect of my music, I feel like if you’re an artist you should always have the first say when it comes to your work. And I am definitely the type of person that already has the idea in my mind when it comes to videos but ,I also like to see what the director has to offer when it comes to music videos because that is when you can see how they take charger of their art.
*Tell us where we can keep up with your music!*
Once I drop my EP my website will be ready to go and that is where you can catch my latest shows and new music! But for now I will be posting everything on my Instagram,Facebook and twitter which are all “ArahSade”:) onelove.

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