Adrian Daniel And The Stoners: Band To Watch In 2014!



Adrian Daniel is more than a singer/songwriter, he is a PERFORMER. With his musical influences ranging from MGMT to Prince, this young fella has a lot to show the world when it comes to his music, and it doesn’t seem like he’s slowing down anytime soon! With two EP’s out (“Native”, “Memoirs Of A Stoner”), he tours with his band all around NYC, and has even been featured on some college and hip hop radio stations.

When you have performed at events such as the “Brooklyn Jazz” festival and “Rhythm-N-Soul” festival, you are bound to become known locally and all around NYC. He is also related to Chris Nelson (also the owner of “Bacon Life” clothing), who promotes Adrian as well. He has a growing fan base, and hopefully after checking out some of his tunes, you’ll become a fan of mister Adrian and his Stoner crew!

Check out some of his work below!

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