FLTBYS Brand Has Its Own Section in Lord Barker Skate Shop

In Store Image 1


The FLTBYS brand now has its own section in the Lord Barker Skate Shop, which opens Dec.

 21, 2013 as the first skate shop to open in East New York, Brooklyn.  The FLTBYS brand will also be launching their online shop in January 2014.

If you have any of those vintage FlightBoys or FLTBYS t-shirts, caps or sweatshirts, you’d better hold onto them tight because they are going to be worth money.

The Lord Barker Skate shop is located at 535 Sutter Ave. in East New York, Brooklyn 11207.

For more information on the FLTBYS brand go to www.flightboys.com or www.fltbys.com

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