Chicken And Waffles At The Pink Tea Cup!

Try The Chicken & Waffles @ Pink Tea Cup

pinkteacup“Pink Tea Cup is a family owned business and has been established since 1954. Pink Tea Cup, was initially located in the heart of the West Village, NYC, which was the home of Motown artists and today’s famous music and celebrity followers. It has a niche audience and a new generation of followers that are a loyal fan base and will travel far and wide to support.

Despite a minor hiccup in the Pink Tea Cup’s finances, Lawrence Page believed in the Pink Tea Cup’s legacy and the importance of this unique Soul Food House to continue to live on in the heart of NYC. Hence, assuming all of its past debt (2010) in order to revive the restaurants brand once again.

After many years of being the mom and pop place, Pink Tea Cup decided to expand and go beyond the island of Manhattan and into Brooklyn where fifty percent of its clientele resides. Pink Tea Cup’s owner Lawrence Page is very hip and understands that if you do not move with the times, you can damage your brand…”

Pia Says:

The Pink Tea Cup has the BEST chicken and waffles that I have ever tasted! The atmosphere is amazing, the location is warm and friendly, and if you have a craving for some good ol’ soul food, you should check out this restaurant! Located in Brooklyn’s Fort Greene area, it’s not hard to get here by train and they are open seven days a week!

Pink Tea Cup

120 Lafayette Avenue

Brooklyn, NY 11238

(347) 227-7472

Winter Hours:

Mon-Fri 4pm-11pm

Sat 9am-11pm & Sun 9am-10pm

Photo Credit: The NY Times


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