“The City Don’t Sleep”, So Don’t Expect Erick To

Erick Castro

Erick Castro, born and raised in Queens, NYC, has decided to open up his first boutique along with his business partner Rony in Brooklyn, New York. “The City Don’t Sleep” is what he calls it, and he runs it with style and pizzazz. When I first visited the boutique, my eyes were wide open staring at the beautiful art on the walls. Cool music was playing, the vibes were amazing, and although I didn’t walk out of the store with a purchase (I just HAD to leave my money at home), I will never forget the feeling of “cool” that overwhelmed me from my window shopping experience. I am due for a trip back, maybe to get a five panel and a piece of art work, and I invite you to come along too! I hope you get a feeling of “coolness” as you read this interview. Mr. Erick Castro of “The City Don’t Sleep” sure does know how to make his customers feel confident!

There is also an invitation to his poetry and spoken word event at the boutique on Saturday, December 14th, below! Be sure to mark it on your calendars and check it out!

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*Did you always want to own a boutique? Or were you randomly inspired by another boutique?*

I actually went to high school for automotive, where me & my business partner met. I than graduated & went to a technical school for automotive, & now I own a boutique in Brooklyn. Funny how things work.

*How hard is it owning your own business in NYC?*

It’s a lot harder than people think. We’re doing great but it is hard & comes with a lot of lessons you get to appreciate.
NYC is so fast paced, so you have to keep up or do what I try to & be ahead of everything. It’s tough but worth it all.

* Where do you see yourself and your shop in 5-10 years? Do you plan on opening other branches around NYC or the country?*

I try not to think that far a head but I would like to see myself owning 2 maybe 3 branches at that time. Reach over to the West Coast & one shop over seas, giving that
stepping stone for independent artist.

* Your boutique is very urban/artsy. What are your favorite art mediums that you dig into?*

Thank you, I appreciate it all to be honest. I don’t have a favorite, just to get deep & appreciate the work of another humans is amazing. To see how much feeling and emotion someone can put into a piece is great.

*What kind of vibe does your boutique give off?*

At TCDS we like to much sure we give off positive vibes always. People come in & that’s one of the first things that comes out their mouth before a hello “wow, I love the vibe in here”. We always have great tunes playing & positive people working at the shop.

*If you had to give ONE piece of advice to aspiring entrepreneurs, what would it be?*


If you can think it, you can do it.

* For people who want to support you and buy some cool threads, where is your shop located, what’s the website, and what are your store hours?*

TCDS is always looking for new artist and entrepreneurs to work with, please feel from to come by the shop or visit us online.

The TCDS shop is open from Tues-Sun from 12-7pm or you can order online at www.TheCityDontSleep.com

410 Broadway, Brooklyn, NY.


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Erick Castro

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