With The Name Mojo Disco, We Expect Nothing But Success!

Mojo D.
I remember my first time meeting Mr. Mojo Disco. He’s a tall, stylish fella who was kind of intimidating to me at first. I was a media intern for a magazine, and my job for the evening was to attend a talent showcase called “PaintAndPoetry” at a venue called 3RDEYE(SOL) . When I arrived to the venue, I automatically became alert and interested. I love artwork, and the walls were decorated with all sorts of it. I eased up my emotions towards Mojo once I saw him dancing and smiling. He is literally a social butterfly; people gravitate towards his warm and inviting aura.

Old-school hip-hop and rnb music gave off a party vibe, and people were re-uniting with each other as if they hadn’t seen each other in years. From being there for only around half an hour, I could already sense that it was going to be a great night. Everyone seemed happy. Once the venue became filled with people (with little room for more people to join), a host introduced poets one by one, and I was astonished at the talent of my generation. The poetry that is heard at “PaintAndPoetry” is literally one of a kind. These teenagers and young adults come ready to bare their souls to any crowd willing to listen. I heard stories of love, stories of pain, and ultimately stories of hope. There were also live artists present painting and drawing while the poets were speaking. I was blown away at how genuine everything felt. I unzipped my jacket, put down my camera, got a little more comfortable, and LISTENED. You don’t know poetry until you’ve heard it from NYC kids.

Below is my interview with the guy who started the “PaintAndPoetry” series. There is also information on how to get involved with his showcases.

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*Tell me about your name Mojo Disco*

Mojo Disco is a name that represents me in a whole. It came to me in a dream a while back and I’ve been rocking with it ever since.

*What inspired you to create the “PaintAndPoetry” showcase? Why paint and poetry? Are those the two art mediums that you love the most?*

Paint And Poetry was inspired by me knowing that our generation has so much more to offer than what everyone typically sees. I chose the name simply because I believe we are all walking portraits of poetry, everyday. So naturally they are the two mediums celebrated each show, not only because I love them, but because we ARE them.

*How did you get in contact with 3RDEYE(SOL)? How long have they been giving you the opportunity to host your event there?*
I met 3RDEYE(SOL) owner Jose Castillo through the grace of God. I soon became the General Manger there. Been doing P&P there since mid 2011.
*How often does “PaintAndPoetry” happen?*
Paint and Poetry is a monthly event that happens every last Saturday.


* What are your career goals?*

My ultimate career goal is to be happy and proud of what I do. I want to create a legacy that can be passed on to future Mojo Disco’s of the world. One so rich that it’s value will surpass my time on this earth.


* Your confidence is inspiring. Were you always confident or was it a long journey to become the independent young man that you are?*

Thank You. It has been a rocky road on this life journey. My confidence was instilled in me at an early age from my mother. I have always been confident, but not like I am now. Now, the confidence comes from me really knowing myself inside and out. Flaws and all. It took a lot of hard work, but I felt that my future was worth it.


*If someone wanted to showcase their poetry at your “PaintAndPoetry” event, how could they get in contact with you?*

If you are interested in being a part of Paint And Poetry in any way, shape, form, or color, Feel free to emailPaintAndPoetryNYC@gmail.com or visit MojoDisco.com/PaintAndPoetry.

@PaintAndPoetryNYC #PaintAndPoetry
3RD(EYE)SOL Address:
1501 Broadway, Brooklyn, NY 11221

Mojo Disco

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