Emilio Modeste is a 16 year old Jazz phenom! With his amazing talent playing the saxophone, his gift has allowed him to play in several different countries such as Panama, Argentina and Germany! Emilio has also studied with respected musicians such as Antoine Roney and Wynton Marsalis. Emilio’s talents and passion for jazz music will continue to take him far in life, and we have the pleasure to witness his amazing skills at the 2016 East Brooklyn Jazz Festival on August 27th!

Check out our interview with Emilio below!

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*How are you preparing yourself for the East Brooklyn 2016 Jazz Festival?

Emilio: In preparation for the East Brooklyn Jazz Festival, myself and the band have communicated and rehearsed thoroughly so we can put together a great performance for everyone. By communicating I mean maintaining a healthy relationship concerning the music as well as having good energy, because it all affects the music. Healthy interactions creates a healthier space on the bandstand.

*How important is it to give back to your community using Jazz music?

Emilio: It is very important that people in the community are exposed to an art form that has the African expression of improvisation as well as the art of storytelling. And as young musicians playing this creative black art form, we hope to influence other young members of the community to want to learn more and want to be connected more to jazz music and their creativity.

*What are your end goals with music for the remainder of 2016?

Emilio: As a jazz musician, there is always more and more to discover, learn, and add to your arsenal. And since I am so young, there are worlds for me to discover. The knowledge I am chasing will help me mature as a musician and I hope will allow me to get to the next step of musicianship and also deeper connection to this music.

*Are there any special guests that you are bringing to your set for the Jazz festival?

Emilio: We will not be bringing any special guests, however there are some great musicians in the band: Dylan Reis on the electric bass andMalick Koly on the drums.

*As a young Jazz musician, do you have any advice for aspiring jazz musicians?

Emilio: I would say, practice! Discipline is very important, because much of your studying will be independent. Also listen to the music as much as possible because it will tap into your subconscious and you will have a little part of you trying to chase after what you hear in the records.

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