vinnieknightMs. Vinnie Knight is a jazz singer with a rich, velvety, classic jazz voice and a resume that is simply remarkable. Ms. Knight has performed with some of the greatest jazz musicians and is also known for singing the music of Duke Ellington andGladys Shelly. If you’ve never had the pleasure of hearing her voice live, make sure to come to theEast Brooklyn Jazz Festivalwhich takes place on Saturday, August 27th from 3PM to 8PM! (Flyer Below)

Check out our brief interview with Ms. Knight!

*How are you preparing yourself for the East Brooklyn 2016 Jazz Festival?

Ms. Knight: Preparing yourself is to know your craft!

*How important is it to give back to your community using Jazz music?

Ms. Knight: Jazz Music is America’s ONLY original art form, so we keep it alive through performance in the schools, senior centers, hospitals and every corner of the world.

*What are your end goals with music for the remainder of 2016?

Ms. knight: To practice!

*Are there any special guests that you are bringing to your set for the Jazz festival?

Ms. Knight: No, I will not be bringing any special guests to my performance.

*As a Jazz singer, do you have any advice for aspiring jazz singers/musicians?

Ms. Knight: Practice!

jazz festival

*Courtesy of Eastbrooklyn.com*


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