citibikeMove over Citi-Bikes, the new Car2Go cars are the newest, most convenient way to travel fast with no hassle! These easy to park smart cars made their way to Brooklyn on October 25, 2014, giving Brooklynites a more affordable and comfortable way to travel. The Car2Go cars operate under a rental car service that originally launched in Austin, Texas four years ago. 400 of these smart cars are sprinkled throughout the borough from Greenpoint, all the way down to Coney Island. If you prefer a 2-seater, you can rent one by using the Car2Go app to find the nearest 2-seater that is available in your area.

Car2Go charges a one-time $35 sign up fee (if you get in early, like NOW, it’s free), and you can rent hourly for $15 per hour or per day for $85.

In addition to the cars being located in Brooklyn, they are also located in Austin, Vancouver, and San Diego.

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-Pia Fergus

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