Results Of Dew Tour’s First New York Competition

Dew Tour: World’s Top Skateboard And BMX Athletes To Compete At Dew Tour Toyota Mix Championships At House Of Vans

The Dew Tour wrapped up it’s first New York BMX and skate street style competitions on September 21st, 2014. Approximately 17,000 fans experienced the Toyota city championships in Brooklyn, NY. Garrett Reynolds claimed the top spot in BMX, and Dew Tour newcomer Trevor Colden earned his first Dew Cup in skateboard street style. Dennis Enarson earned his second podium finish of the weekend, taking home second place. Scotty Cranmer took third place. Next to Colden was fellow Dew Tour newcomers Evan Smith and Ryan Decenzo, this was the first time for all three  to podium in the skateboard street style event. Ishod Wair was named the winner of the Sweet Trick Of The Day, which was presented by Mike And Ike.

The television re-cap of the Dew Tour Toyota City Championships will be broadcasted on NBC on October 19th, 2014.

BMX Streetstyle Final Results

1. Garrett Reynolds, Toms River, N.J., 90.75. 2. Dennis Enarson, La Mesa, Calif., 89.75. 3. Scotty Cranmer, Jackson, N.J., 89.25. 4. Tyler Fernegel, Detroit, Mich., 88.75. 5. Chad Kerley, San Diego, Calif., 87.75. 6. Dakota Roche, Huntington Beach, Calif., 79.08. 7. Tyler Morrow, West Palm Beach, Fla., 84.25. 8.Drew Bezanson, Canada, 84.00. 9. Sean Ricany, Toms River, N.J., 83.25. 10. Colin Varanyak, Hamilton, N.J., 82.50. 11. Brian Kachinsky, Chicago, Ill., 81.75. 12. Trey Jones, Longwood, Fla., 78.25. 13. Van Homan, Pennsville, N.J., 77.50. 14. Dan Lacey, Great Britain, 73.50.

Skateboard Streetstyle Final Results

1. Trevor Colden, Virginia Beach, Va., 91.25. 2. Evan Smith, Orlando, Fla., 88.75. 3. Ryan Decenzo, Canada, 87.25. 4. Curren Caples, Ventura, Calif., 85.50. 5. Nick Merlino, Atlantic City, N.J., 81.00. 6. Ishod Wair, Bordentown, N.J., 78.25. 7. Jordan Hoffart, San Diego, Calif., 75.25. 8. Mike Vallely, Edison, N.J., 73.00. 9. Zered Bassett, Chatham, Mass., 67.25. 10. Clint Walker, Altus, Okla., 65.50. 11. Garrett Hill, Santa Monica, Calif., 63.50. 12. Greg Lutzka, Milwaukee, Wisc., 62.25. 13. David Loy, Santa Ana, Calif., 56.75. 14. Bobby Worrest, Washington, D.C., 55.25. 15. Luis Tolentino, Queens, N.Y., 54.00.


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