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“As a little girl growing up in Minnesota, my mother Barb, the original Thumb Maker, would usually be up at the early hour of 6am, rolling dough into perfect circles and then finishing each one with a thumb print. My mom would bake these cookies for special occasions (and still does), such as birthdays, Bar Mitzvahs, weddings or just upon neighborhood request.

As I watched her roll each cookie, I realized that these Thumbs were not just like any cookie. I could see how much work went into each tiny ball of dough.. and then it hit me..Thumbs are so awesome because they are made with so much care and LOVE. My mom wasn’t just baking these cookies because they tasted good… she baked them to show her love of family, community and tradition, just like her mother, grandmother and the other matriarchal role models in her life had done. And then she passed that tradition on to me.

In honor of the talented, inspirational and caring women who have made me who I am today (and spent a lot of time with me in the kitchen making their specialty dishes), I hope you enjoy these luscious “Thumbs”. You should know (most importantly), that these cookies have Barb’s thumbprint of approval!

Robyn has been baking thumbs all her life and started selling them to local businesses in Brooklyn in 2012. Thumbs are currently produced in both Minnesota and Brooklyn. She likes to call them a Minnesota cookie with a Brooklyn twist.”

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