Williamsburg Has The “Coolest” Starbucks Ever

starbucksWilliamsburg, home to the highest rent in the entire Brooklyn borough, has opened a new Starbucks coffee chain that will not only serve you “tall” greatness, but also offer you live music as well as other cool amenities. This Starbucks is the second to open in Williamsburg (the first opened in July, this one opened last Monday, November 3rd), and will make all the hipsters alike go wild. According to the Starbuck’s manager Brandon Giles, this Starbucks location will be different because it is designed to fit in with the Williamsburg coffee culture. With local art from artists, live music, and coffee seminars, we feel like this would be a great fit for Williamsburg.

The new Starbucks location is huge, with seating for more than 50 people in a 29,000 square-foot space.

Check out the new location for yourself, and tell us what you think!

154 N Seventh St
Brooklyn, NY

Image via www.bkmag.com

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