Brooklyn Blogger Of The Week: LaTonya Yvette!


LaTonya Yvette is not your ordinary blogger! She’s a mother of two, a wife, a fashion designer, and a fashionista all in one!  She touches upon various topics such as styling, blogging, marketing and branding, as well as the joys and perils of motherhood, interior design for small NYC apartments, local neighborhood boutiques, her thoughts on her beautiful children, tips on how she keeps her skin blemish free and her hair as healthy as possible, and so much more! This lady can write her butt off!

We here at Brooklyn Buzz salute LaTonya for her commitment to blogging (we know how tedious it can be at times), and her willingness to share her personal life in a time where privacy is something unheard of. We love your posts, girl! Keep it up!

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Check out LaTonya’s latest beauty video below!

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LaTonya resides in Brooklyn, NYC.

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