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Scott Morris is a young entertainer/host on the rise from Canarsie, Brooklyn. He hosts the popular “Deans List Tour”‘s, he was featured on Mtv’s “True Life” and Channel 1 news, and he supports majority of NYC’s up and coming music acts. He is the current winner of the “AllStarMusic” awards 2013 Promoter Of The Year presented by Xtreme104fm, and he is currently an event planner and radio host with UGX Radio on Xtreme104fm.  He has hosted and directed events such as fashion shows, talent shows, and many more. Born Nigel Guscott, his eyes and goals were always entertainment oriented, and with his rapid progress and daily grind, we see his dreams coming true more than ever.

Check out my interview with Scott below!

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*As a child growing up, did you always envision yourself being a part of the entertainment and media industry?*
As child I was always into the entertainment business. I have had multiple dreams about performing in front of millions of people. But did I ever think I would have an opportunity like this to make my dreams come true ? I honestly thought I would be settling for another job. But over time just building relationships with people and getting many different opportunities lead to me pursing this career more then ever. 
*How do you plan on remaining relevant in the entertainment industry?*


Relevancy is always important in the entertainment business. But I think being organic is also one of those ways to maintain relevancy. I have a lot of things up my sleeve that I am currently working on and can’t wait to release [laughs]. But just making the connection with my audience through music, and business adventures in the near future. It’s about what how much are you willing to invest. What sacrifices are being made to keep your audience loyal to you. 

*What would you consider to be your “dream job”? (Who/what company would you want to work for)*

I think I had several dream jobs [Laughs]. Although they may have been minor, the experiences are something you can never regret. One of my many dream jobs was to work in a retail department store such as H&M for discounts [Laughs]. But In this current state of my life, I believe I am in the beginning stages of my dream job. I want to own my own business and want to be able to hire people, and provide them with opportunities. I believe “The Deans List”, “NoBoysAllowed” and a few other projects I am currently working on can help many in the future for job opportunities, internships, etc. I think the possibilities are endless but, if I had to work for someone as an intern it would be Roc Nation or Def Jam just to be hands on and for the experience. 

*Is your family supportive of your career? Does the opinions of your family and friends have any effect on how you carry yourself?*

My family is more supportive now of my career. Winning the promoter of the year award at the All Star Music awards presented by Xtreme104fm is probably one of my biggest accomplishments, due to the fact it allowed my mother and father to believe in what I’m pursing more. Parents just usually want to see the best for their children. Especially in this day and age that we are currently living in. Winning that award allows my parents to continue the conversation with neighbors, friends and other relatives. For example, people will always ask the parents about the child and want to know how they have grown and what are their future plans. So they will ask questions like how is your son/daughter ? Is your son/daughter working ? (just a couple example of questions they might ask). Now I’m adding that award to the list of things I accomplished at this point in my life. Just to know if someone asks my parents “what has your son been up to?”, they can reply music and have a follow up answer;”He won an award recently at the AllStarMusicAwards”. It gives them hope because my mother and father know how hard I go for this. I have had many sleepless nights. One of my biggest motivations is just to prove to them that their son can make a living off of what he loves, and influence a lot of people while doing it. I’ll never forget how I felt when my father saw me on MTV and my name came on the screen on a major television network. Those are moments that you just appreciate and live with forever. 
*Have you ever considered becoming an anchorman? What careers have you thought about before you got into music?entertainment?*
[Laughs] I thought about it once before when I first entered college. But I don’t think an anchorman is the career for me. I was always in to sports growing up. I have had thoughts of being a basketball player back when everyone had Nba live [laughs], and and football player. We all have our different paths in life, and no matter how hard I tried to escape pursing this career in the beginning, my insecurities weren’t strong enough to allow me to quit.  
*What was the first show that you hosted? What was the experience like?*
The first show I ever hosted was at John Jay College of Criminal Justice. I was the Vice President of the radio club at the time. We were holding our 2nd annual mega showcase. We had a couple emerging artist a part of the show such as JazTheRapper, Mr.Weirdo, and so many more. I don’t remember everything [laughs] but, whatever happened lead to me hosting the event. Shout out to my e-board during that time of my life. But I don’t think I was suppose to host that night. But that event lead to my mentor Marlon Daniels forcing me [laughs] to host my first big event, Which was John Jay talent showcase which is the biggest event on campus. I ended up getting the dean to rap, and it lead to some many hosting opportunities in and out of NYC which I am grateful for. Shout out to John Jay College and my peers. 
*Do you have any advice for young aspiring entertainers?*
“If opportunity doesn’t knock then build a door” – Milton Berle 
 No matter how difficult it may seem, don’t give up on your dreams. Sometimes you just have to be willing to step out of your comfort zone, and find a way to get people to want to pay attention to you. 
*Where can we keep up with your progress?*
You can log on to my website to keep up with me. For more information on the Deans List Tour and NoBoysAllowed tour, you can also log on to



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