Buzzworthy Restaurant of the Week: Maison Premiere

maison1What do you get when you combine an oyster bar, with a sweet-as-can be cocktail menu, the most comprehensive selection of absinthe in NYC and a 1920’s hotel lobby theme? Williamsburg’s Maison Premiere! This 1920s throwback serves up absinthe cocktails and fresh oysters (don’t miss oyster happy hour) to an old-time jazz sound track.  Picture wrought iron furnishings, gilded mirrors, rotary telephones, and servers wearing SUSPENDERS.  It’s the Roaring 20s to a T! 

The service is incredible and makes you wonder why all dining experiences are not like that. It can get pretty crowded, but the experience makes it all worth it. It’s a great spot for a low-key date, or to catch up with a friend. Make a reservation, if you can. maison2

298 Bedford Avenue



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